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Dewty Case Study

When Campfire were approached by Dewty, a new collagen skincare brand, to transform their online presence, content and e-commerce strategy, we were more than ready to make the product shine. Collaborating closely with Dewty, we developed a deep multi-layered understanding of the needs and wants of potential customers and made sure excellent Dewty products were impossible to ignore in audience spaces.

The Challenge

Requiring a huge uptake in subscriptions with only 12 subscribed customers since its formation in 2019, Dewty challenged Campfire to transform the e-commerce strategy of the skincare business. With a lack of both an online presence and an easy to navigate website and sales funnel, Campfire was challenged to find what really mattered to the Dewty customer base and target market. Creating a strong online brand presence would ignite curiosity, interest and emotional investment in the brand, leading to Dewty purchases and much needed subscriptions.

Client Ideas

Initial ideas from Dewty involved a complete overhaul of the company's online social presence, with excellent, eye-catching content to drive up interest and appeal of what is a truly excellent and affordable collagen product. With a focus on Facebook and video content, Campfire had creative freedom to develop something that would leave customers wanting to know more and imagining themselves with a Dewty subscription.

Initial Thought Process

Although there was rightly a clear focus and motivation from the brand to focus on product content and the development of brand recognition and interest on Facebook, Campfire decided to take things back to basics…

Firstly, Dewty needed an overhaul of the company website, optimising this for paying traffic, creating a website that potential consumers would be able to navigate easily and efficiently, with copy that spoke instantly to the needs and wants of Dewty’s potentially huge customer base. Clear Call To Action (CTA) and colourful and slick visual effects were used to create a seamless consumer journey displaying a product that the customer could immediately see they would love.

Once this was achieved, Campfire could focus on the content that would immediately drive the customer base to what was a welcoming, persuasive and striking online platform and website.


The strategy for Dewty involved creating content that would firstly work seamlessly with the website redesign and motivate the right audience to visit the brand profile and website with strong motivation to find out more and subscribe to the brand...

Create a consumer avatar

Creating the content that would instantly ignite interest in the Dewty brand meant that Campfire needed to take a deep dive into the target consumers of Dewty and the needs of these individuals. Collaborating with the Dewty brand, Campfire developed a detailed understanding of the Dewty consumer, developing a holistic consumer avatar which encompassed the exact demographic, psychographic and personality traits of the current and future customer base, into one individual to focus branding and advertising efforts. This ideal persona would be front of mind for any creation or production of content moving forward.

‘A swirling pot of beauty boosting serum'

In order to understand what attracted the consumer avatar and therefore the wider Dewty audience, we analysed the best features, benefits and USP’s of the Dewty products that mattered. In short, Dewty provides relatively affordable collagen drinks that taste nice, a rarity in the current collagen marketplace. The drinks also include additional added ingredients such as zinc and hyaluronic acid to add to the swirling pot of beauty boosting serum, making the product stand out against other, more expensive and bitter tasting collagen drinks.

Create ads that target key words

The next stage of the strategy was to develop advertisements and collaborations with influencers and creators that would immediately lay the core benefits of Dewty that would speak to the target market. TikTok content was focused around the immediate mentioning of the core benefits of the product (‘affordability’, ‘taste’ and ‘ingredients’ within the first 5 seconds). Word analysis of the common words associated with collagen products and feelings of strong and healthy skin were also added, additional key words such as ‘plump’ ‘dewy’ and ‘smooth’ were added into the content mix to communicate that Dewty is a product that will boost your glow up. Content was boosted by our in-house paid advertising team, who were able to use social media targeting tools to focus in on the correct target markets at the right times and right places, to maximise entry into the sales funnel.

the results

Dewty gained an incredible rise in interest on Facebook and attracted more specific customer groups based on the aforementioned target market consumer avatars, creating hundreds of millions of impressions within a 12 month period.

Within 17 months (January 2020 to July 2021) Dewty went from 12 subscriptions to 1438 subscriptions. This was paired with a 521% increase in revenue within the first month for Dewty and a over 2000% increase in revenue within a 12 month period. Making a brand that spent their last £10,000 as a last ditch effort to attract consumers online into a brand valued at well over £3 million.

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