Establishing Consumer Avatars to drive up Duel Autocare sales

Duel Case Study

How do you launch a new brand on social media, appealing to an extremely critical audience that extensively searches for the best products? When Duel Autocare, a new vehicle detailing brand, came to Campfire for new content in 2020, we were ready to step the brand up a gear.

The Challenge

In June, 2020 Duel autocare challenged Campfire to create an integrated and expansive social media strategy from content creation to paid social media spending. With a key focus on increasing revenue, Duel wanted us to ignite an increase in sales amongst car enthusiasts, who sought out high-quality products to make their vehicles look like they had just exited the showroom.

Initial Thought Process

Having only been launched months before, Campfire wanted to establish Duel as a trustworthy, high-quality brand across social media and the wider e-commerce sphere. With excellent product quality, we knew that with dependable, strong branding, Duel could motivate consumers to buy and review products online, which would obviously increase much needed revenue and customer review rates - increasing trustability online for the brand and in turn future purchases from the target market.


We set out to understand the customer base of Duel, from this we could establish the correct content and boost with paid social media advertising...

Understanding Consumer Motivations

Campfire needed to take a deep dive into the target consumers of Duel, this would inform creative content that would instantly ignite curiosity for the Duel brand. The target market seemed obvious, 18-50 males with an interest in cars. However, using our consumer avatar analysis - Campfire developed a deeper understanding of the Duel consumer, encompassing the exact demographic, psychographic and personality traits of the customer base into one individual type to target.

The ideal Duel customer intended to only buy trustworthy and high-quality products for their car; and were meticulously critical with extremely high standards, researching their car products intensely. Similar to mothers and taking care of their babies, this target market wanted the absolute best for their cars and were willing to spend additional money to guarantee this.

High Quality/ Scroll Stopping Content

After gaining a clear understanding of the demographics of the Duel target market, as well as their wants and needs, we developed scroll-stopping content that would cut through the noise on social media. Campfire had to differentiate the Duel brand from its competitors. Whilst utilising the highly technical jargon and detailed rituals that are used by car detailing enthusiasts, we took into account the specific emotions and behaviours that made the Duel consumer avatar so obsessed and so unique. With this understanding, we created high-quality, high performing video advertisements for specific occasions, one of which comically played on the fact that particular men within the market would sometimes treat their cars better than they would a partner...

This was then targeted with paid media spending to targeted audiences, established with our consumer avatar model.

User-Generated Review content

In order to gain social proof for Duel and its high-quality products, our creative team reached out to real consumers of Duel in order to produce genuine review content videos from satisfied and returning customers. These videos, alongside the aforementioned larger content pieces, would display the Duel products in car detailing routines, before proceeding to show how well the products worked from the perspective of an ordinary car detailer, this would be casually voiced over with the key aspects of the products that differentiated Duel from other cheaper brands. Having User Generated Content improved the trustworthiness and validity of the brand, giving more and more car-proud consumers the confidence to try out a more expensive product that would inevitably give them better overall results.

As purchases grew through the increasing validity and trustworthiness of Duel online, this inevitably fed into more excellent reviews which were actively encouraged by the brand on Trustpilot, an online product review site, ultimately generating further sales and revenue, establishing the brand as high-quality in a scrutinous marketplace.

the results

Within 12 months, Duel Autocares revenue rose from £3000 to £380,000 revenue, with only £15,557 spent on paid advertising.

In addition, the brand now has over 700 positive reviews on Trustpilot, having had no reviews on the site before starting their journey with Campfire.

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