Generating £211k revenue with £16k ad spend in 6 months for I Want Wallpaper

IWantWallpaper Case Study

When IWantWallpaper came to Campfire in order to expand their customer base, with a complete overhaul of their social spending and customer knowledge, we knew just how to create a colourful and sophisticated paid and content strategy worthy of the amazing wallpaper prints on offer.

The Challenge

IWantWallpaper challenged Campfire to try and grow the company's online customer base from the ground up, with more efficient paid social spending and targeting. Creating a clearer sales funnel online would mean IWantWallpaper could transform impressions on their content into IWantWallpaper product sales - creating sales growth for the company as a whole in what was about to be a home decoration boom in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Client Ideas

IWantWallpaper questioned how Campfire could best target the customers in need of a interior make-over - meaning we would need to create a basic understanding of who was currently most interested in buying wallpaper and decorating their homes and spaces. The was to pinpoint where these people ignited their inspiration and what they were looking for in the products based on consumer trends. Gaining a clearer and deeper answer to these questions would mean the brand could enhance their paid social strategy and targeting creating online ads that were as attention-grabbing as the brand’s decorative materials.

Initial Thought Process

After initial talks with the client, Campfire fully understood that the underlying knowledge of IWantWallpaper’s current and wanted customer base was needed to base all content and paid initiatives around. This would mean the creation of the ideal IWantWallpaper customer, developing a holistic consumer persona which encompassed the exact demographic and interests of the current and future customer base..


We then set out to create a targeted paid ad strategy that would incorporate understanding of the holistic IWantWallpaper customer, where they sought out inspiration and what exactly inspired them.

Target the Inspired Redecorators

After the creation of consumer avatars it was clear that Campfire had to target 25-44 year old females who take pride in staying up to date with trends in domestic fashion and decoration. Based on our research, these creative and aspirational individuals would often envision their ideal and dream homes via social media and would aim and plan to create spaces that would impress friends and family on a budget - often using wallpaper products as inspiration for room furniture, lighting and texture.

The Inspiration Platform

As the platform for categorising and storing inspirational posts, there seemed no better option for IWantWallpaper than to invest in paid advertising on Pinterest. The platform seemed to be the place where our aforementioned consumer persona would most likely start to save ideas, inspiration and plans for their current, future and dream indoor spaces. Creating ads that immediately appealed to these individuals on this platform would fit nicely with its aspirational theme and entice consumers to try and create an immediate association with IWantWallpaper and aspirational DIY decoration.

Focus on the Trends

With knowledge of the right customer and understanding of where they look for and store their decoration inspiration, we now wanted to show the target audience the latest fashionable trends in wallpaper. We showed that IWantWallpaper is constantly evolving product lines to keep up with the aspirational creativity of everyday homeowners and DIY influencers. We created posts that show trending wallpaper - such as bold Navy and Silver colours through lockdown, meaning that whenever a consumer navigated Pinterest an iWantWallpaper ad or piece of content was ready and waiting.

the results

With their excellent wallpaper products now visible to the right online audience, IWantWallapaper experienced a Year on Year increase of 152% in sales generated via facebook ads from 2019 to 2020.

The brand also maintained a steady Return On Ad Spend of 12.62:1 (the industry average being 2.87:1). 2020 was a crucial year for all interior design companies, as more and more people chose to spend their money on revamping their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, with our social targeting strategy.

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