Gaining 2.7m views on TikTok using creator understanding

Tangle Teezer Case Study

When Tangle Teezer launched their brand new product, Campfire was challenged to ignite high brand awareness within the brand category during launch week, creating dominating content on TikTok in order to reach Gen Z consumers.

The Challenge

With a new product launch, Tangle Teezer required maximum coverage and awareness of their new scalp exfoliator and massage brush in order to convert passive viewers of their relatively new TikTok content into active customers, motivated to buy the new (and established) hair care products. This meant a focus on increasing views and engagement with the TikTok space, whilst also growing the Tangle Teezer presence on TikTok and the brands owned following on the platform.

Client Ideas

Tangle Teezer also had a strong focus on the Gen Z and late Millennial market with a clear understanding that this is where these consumer groups were now scrolling, viewing and gaining product information from. As one of the only agencies in the Uk with a deeper understanding of TikTok and it’s unique mechanisms, Campfire decided that it would tap into the 1000’s of TikTok creators at its disposal, offering Tangle Teezer the opportunity to be seen and heard loud and clear on the platform.

Initial Thought Process

From an initial stand point, Campfire knew that Tangle Teezer needed a presence of their own on TikTok to be a viable brand on the platform. A brand that would convert views into sales, displaying Tangle Teezer as trustworthy and established. This would require an extensive search for the correct content creators, courtesy of the Campfire influencer team, alongside the Campfire paid team - who would work to enhance any content created by our creators to guarantee more views of Tangle Teezer content. This would of course result in Tangle Teezer establishing a brand presence on TikTok, with content that not only felt right to the brand but also to the platform, that would be seen by the right markets.


With an understanding that we had to create an array of content for Tangle Teezer to enhance their brand presence on TikTok, with further enhancement of visibility on the platform with payed, Campfire set out the strategy that would work perfectly for the brand:

Let the Creators Create - Brief not instruct

The most effective TikTok creators know the platform better than any marketing executive - with hours and hours of content creation resulting in followings of thousands or even hundreds of thousands from around the globe. After finding the perfect influencers and creators on TikTok, Campfire sent Tangle Teezer briefs which gave these TikTok experts creative freedom to show the scalp exfoliator and massage brush in ways which would excite their followers and beyond. This resulted in content that did not feel forced or too heavily branded, more like content than advertisements, which as we know the key generational audiences prefer.

Amplify with paid

The Campfire Paid Social team enhanced the potency of the creative and authentic content, using targeting techniques which enabled Tangle Teezer reach young millennials and Gen Z users more effectively across the UK and US. Using hashtags such as #ClearYourHead and #TangleTeezer within the content creator captions allowed our paid team to track the performance, viewership and detailed behaviour of content converting to clicks-through to the Tangle Teezer website and the movement of consumers down the sales funnel. This would inform which content creators and types of content performed best - motivating users to find out more about Tangle Teezer’s excellent hair care products...

Problem/Solution, Routine and Discovery

As these formats lead heavily with value and are aligned with the audience’s consumption needs on TikTok which is to learn and discover - the most the most effective formats for TangleTeezer would be:

  • Problem/solution - in which the creator shows a hair care issue before using the Tangle teezer product to solve it.
  • Discovery - in which the creator connotes that they have discovered the Tangle Teezer product as if it were rare and unheard of sparking interest from a viewer perspective.
  • Wash day routines - choosing creators with excellent hair aesthetics would spark immediate interest into how they cared for and treated their hair on a daily basis, using Tangle Teezer as part of their daily routines would qmotivate audiences to incorporate products into their own routines.

the results

From content from a select few of 17 TikTok creators, Tangle Tezzer gained over 2.7 million views of products within the 3 weeks of the launch period. This resulted in 22,335 engagements with Tangle teezer content on the TikTok platform.

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Dominance over launch period

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