Delivering consistent ROI through experimental storytelling.

Paid Social

Let us grow your business and deliver consistent ROI.

Paid Social is currently the most effective and powerful tool you can have in your marketing arsenal. Our team are trusted & renowned for delivering consistent ROI.

The reason we’re able to do this is because of our scientific approach to advertising. We break our process into 3 key steps:

  1. Testing & Data gathering
  2. Implement changes from findings to reach High ROI
  3. Scale & optimise to maintain high ROI

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Content Creation

Don’t be socially awkward. Let us tell your story the right way online.

Campfire has been responsible for creating content that has garnered over 2 billion views on social media. We know how to create content that travels online.

We have the best facilities and equipment in Manchester, such as a state of the art podcasting & recording studio as well as broadcast standard video rigs.

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Viral Social

We are a team of social natives, we understand current movements and the online language. Let us create a movement for you that will travel online.

“Research on viral emotions continues to prove that going viral is not a matter of luck, as was previously thought, but rather is a matter of creating a powerful emotional experience. Marketers who understand how to strike the right emotional chords with their messaging can greatly increase their chances of viral success.”
– Harvard Business Review, 2016

Campfire has been responsible for some of the most viral online campaigns to date. Let us translate the online world and use our knowledge to get your story in front of millions.

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