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Leveragin The Buyer Journey In Your Paid Social Campaigns

September 11th, 2020

Q4 is quickly approaching and if you don’t have a solid paid social strategy in place you’re missing out on huge revenue potential.

In this guide you’ll learn the secret methods that performance marketers are using to drive sales. We guarantee that if you apply all of the topics covered to your own business, you’ll be shocked by the results.

So without further ado let’s get straight into tip #1…

Sales Page Optimisation

If you are going to be running paid traffic to a sales / lead gen page you need to make sure that the users have the best experience possible. If you are running traffic to a poor & low converting landing page it will cause the cost of advertising to sky rocket. Therefore make sure you have the right foundations in place on which you build your campaigns.

Site speed

This may seem like an obvious optimisation but we can’t understate the impact it has on performance. A recent survey showed that pages with a 2 second load time converted on average at 1.9%. Whereas sites that loaded at 5 seconds converted at 0.6%.

These figures may seem small but if you are running at scale the numbers are magnified. And a slow site will convert on average 3x worse than a fast site.

Check your site speed by clicking here.

Clear Call To Actions

If you are running traffic for the purpose of lead gen or ecom sales then this could be a deal breaker for your conversion rates. Users don’t want to visit a site and then have to scroll down the page to find the CTA. If it isn’t visible above the fold then thy will most likely lose interest and leave quite quickly.

Give the people what they want

We advise having your form / add to cart buttons above the fold in your site and also make them stand out too. You can split test different button sizes and colours to find the best combinations. Again, this may seem like a small change but each little adjustment can have huge effects on conversion rates.

Think of your CTA’s like a signpost with directions on where the users should go. You need to make sure that they are being directed to take the action you want them to. For example, if you are an opticians looking to book an eye test you would want something similar to the following and make sure it is in clear view as soon as they land on your site.

A great way to make sure your user journey is as smooth as possible is to install a plugin called Hotjar. It allows you to spy on users in real time and track their journey across your site. We recommend using this tool if you are A/B testing different CTA’s to track the effectiveness of each version.

Now that you have the foundations in place it’s time to start the process of building out your Paid Social campaigns. So let’s start right from the top and set up your tracking codes.