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Are our attention spans shrinking?

TikTok, Instagram Stories and Reels are the latest 'short-form heroes' that keep us hooked for hours but why are we spending so long scrolling through quick, snackable content? Is it because the human attention span is shrinking and we can no longer focus on long-form pieces? Well, to answer the question, hosts Alex and Joe dive into the psychology of how our attention spans work with Dr Christopher Hand and teach you how to create content that not only grabs attention but is the right length of time for your audience.

Why are Influencers so effective?

Being largely unregulated, the influencer scene is the wild west of marketing but why are influencers so effective and is the word 'Influence' really the correct word to be using? Alex and Joe take a look into the psychology behind so-called influence online with Cecilie Traberg, a Psychology PhD student at The University of Cambridge. Cecilie explains how we, as humans, we influence and are influenced. Alongside Cecilie, Accounts Director at Campfire, Sophie Angell makes her debut to explain why you might have been left disappointed with the return on a recent influencer campaign.... but don't fret as she also shares the 'Golden Rules' for influencer marketing.

Are our devices really listening to us?

With social media apps serving us ads that suspiciously align with our recent conversations, we've probably all had someone tell us that 'well, our devices are always listening, you know' ...but how true is that? To see whether our phones are eavesdropping or whether it's actually us, Alex and Joe explore the psychology behind our online behaviours with Senior Lecturer at The University of Cambridge, Dr Amy Milton, and discover how Facebook knows what ads to serve us as well as checking in with Liam Davies, Campfire's Head of Paid, to find out what data Facebook do and don't have access too...

Brand Awareness: How to be remembered: Brand Awareness

When you think of crisps, tea or laundry detergent, who do you think of first? You'll have picked some brand names pretty quickly, but why did you think what you did? You might be inclined to think that you chose the brands you did because 'they've been around the longest' and so getting your brand to be the one people think of first may feel like an impossible task but that's not always the case when it comes to brand awareness. Smaller brands can compete for that top spot in a customers mind and so in this episode, Alex and Joe explore how humans remember and recall brands by chatting to Psychology PhD student at Sydney University, Marie Dietz. This episode lays out what you need to be doing to get remembered.

How Fake News is changing the world

It seems stange to think that an innocent like or share be so impactful or even dangerous but from global warming to medical advice, there's fake news about almost everything online. 'Fake News' is often a term used as a joke or as a political 'slur' but it really is having an impact on the way the world works, but how? Alex and Joe welcome back Cecilie Traberg, PhD psychology student at The University of Cambridge, onto The Deep Dive to explain to us how fake news is made with human psychology in mind, why can it be so dangerous and why we all need to be aware of the effect our online actions are having.

The Founders Edition

Throughout the season so far, we've looked at how best to market your brand on social by looking into human psychology but we haven't yet spoken to business owners who have created, built and grown their company using social media primarily. In this episode, we speak to Dan Murray-Serter who is the founder of 'brain food' supplement subscription brand, Heights. You might also know him as the co-host of the popular Secret Leaders podcast. Alex and Joe thought that Dan would be an immensley insightful person to speak to, not only because of Heights' strong ties to psychology and the inner workings of the human brain but because he is a 'Founder' too. Throughout the episode, Dan shares his first hand advice and insights on building an online business, on social media.

Traditional Marketing Vs. Paid Social

If you're a social media marketeer, you've probably wondered why brands still spend so much money on traditional marketing tools like billboards and TV ads when paid social offers a much more targeted and direct means of speaking to probable customers. Well, there are pros and cons to both and so to understand how best to target your audience with your message, Alex and Joe welcome back Liam Davies, Head of Paid at Campfire. Liam offers his insights into to why brands may still use traditional strategies as well as sharing his golden rules of using paid social, properly.

The Life Cycle of Apps

All apps have a lifecycle and some end up dying out completely but how can a social media app go from being so popular to suddenly not existing at all or being seen as uncool? Well, you might not have put much thought into this topic before but it's really important to understand social media usage trends so that you can be as agile as possible and futureproof. In the final installement of season 1, Alex and Joe take on a more 'think piece' approach to this episode and share their thoughts on what determines app popularity in a world where all of them are fighting for your time.

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