Trending #1 on Black Friday within 6 minutes

On one of the busiest days of the year for E-Commerce brands, Campfire was challenged by fashion brand Missguided to design a campaign that could break through the noise and put them front and center throughout the entire day.

The Challenge

Campfire accepted the challenge, and designed a bespoke Twitter experience that evoked thousands of tweets from Missguided's followers throughout the day.

That experience was a Twitter quiz that was launched at 9am with an announcement that automatically turned on users notifications when the announcement was liked. To answer the quiz questions, users had to use the hashtags #Missguided, and #MakeMyFriday.

The Results

The follow up quiz question recieved immediately recieved almost 4,000 entries, and within 6 minutes our hashtags were trending first and second in the UK.

By 11am, #MakeMyFriday was trending globally, even above #Black Friday.

Missguided recieved over 100,000 entries, trending above every other brand for the duration of the day.

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