Charlie Hamnett

Midweight Motion & Graphic Designer

Professional Background

Hello! I’m Charlie. I originally began my creative career in fine art at Wakefield college and progressively became more and more digital, studying Graphic Design and Animation at the University Of Huddersfield. Here I did a sandwich course where I would have an internship as a creative, gaining great insight about brand power and brand relationships. I then graduated and earned my first role as a Junior Creative at an agency in Leeds before Campfire, where I would start to pick up on industry standard workflows and expectations from the designers above me. The vibrance of Campfire attracted me and knew it would be the best place to flourish and the rest is the future….

Current Job Description

I am a Motion and Graphic Designer and place my hand in all aspects of Design.

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

If I was a Fairytale Character? hmm… My family liken me to Shaggy off Scooby-Doo, a chilled, likeable chap who loves food. To be fair, I did look like his twin on lockdown when hairdressers weren’t open and I tried to grow a beard. Or… I would like to think I am Fix It Felix from Wreck It Ralph. With his little magic hammer whacking up designs from briefs given to me. Give me his outfit, hat and hammer and I would probably look just like him too!