Daniel Doherty

Marketing Exec

Professional Background

I graduated from Lancaster Uni in Advertising and Marketing in 2019 - followed by two internships in London at adam&eve DDB working with brands like Lucozade and VW and working on the John Lewis Christmas Ad. As lockdown hit the UK, I returned to my hometown Barrow from London and then began work for a shopper marketing agency as a exec on the Pringles Account Team. I've also been a paperboy, community worker, football coach, barman and shop assistant - and now I'm thankfully at Campfire.

Current Job Description

Marketing Executive. I'm responsible for the marketing of the Campfire agency itself, from our social media output, like the post you're reading now (how meta) to award entries, PR and how we brand ourselves for the people who we can really help. This is all done with the guidance of the wider Campfire team.

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

Dobbie - creative, a little mischeavous but overall a good heart.