Elliott Ames

Motion Designer

Professional Background

Hello there! I’m Elliott and I’m a self taught Motion Designer. I fell into Motion Design due to my life long passion in all things animation. This then led to me learning how to create my own animations through YouTube tutorials, slowly getting better with each passing year. Eventually this allowed me creating animations for some of the UK’s biggest YouTubers with my videos getting millions of views. From here I was able to start my career working in the Media division of Social Chain shortly after completing my Television and Radio Production course at Salford University. Here I primarily created content for the Sports Publisher SPORF (As well as first meeting Joe and Alex). After working at Social Chain for nearly 4 years I decided to apply to work at Campfire after being asked by Alex to join the creative team in December 2020.

Current Job Description

As a Motion Designer my job mainly entails creating animated videos bringing graphic design pieces to life! This is where I create content internally for Campfire’s social brand as well creating content specifically for our Client’s paid campaigns or to be posted in their original content feeds.

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

Frodo Baggins - Mainly because I love a good long walk listening to podcasts and albums. But also as I like being involved grander projects that involve expand my skillsets and get me out of my comfort zone.