Erin Wilson

Influencer Exec

Professional Background

I accidently fell into Influencer marketing after i dropped out of college and was instantly hooked! I knew that I wanted a career within this fast paced industy where know two days are the same, from there I have had a range of influencer marketing jobs that range from childrens clothing brands to cosmetics.

Current Job Description

Influencer Exec - in my role I am resposible for daily communication with influencers, this includes making sure that the bespoke briefs and campaign goals are are the forefront of influencers minds when creating content! I also support the seniors influencer execs on a range of daily tasks.

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

Stitch - I feel like stitch is my spirit animal as he's a little mischievous but also exstremly loyal, however the one trait we share the most is how clumbsy we both are!