Liam Davies

Head of Paid Social

Professional Background

I actually started my career as a professional golfer & coach back in 2015. I started to learn about Facebook ads so that I could advertise lessons to people in the local area. This worked really well, and the other coaches where I worked wanted me to run ads for them. This then turned into a little side business that I started with my brother, offering Facebook ads to local businesses like restaurants, dentists, leisure facilities etc. After a few years of doing this I joined the paid team at Social Chain, and this is where I met Joe & Alex. It was here that I really started to learn more about ecommerce advertising and content A few years later I randomly bumped into Alex and he told me about their new venture. We had a quick meeting in their shared office space and I was thrilled to be offered a role as their head of paid social.

Current Job Description

I'm now the Head of Paid Social at Campfire which means I run our paid division. On a day to day, I oversee campaigns for global brands across multiple different social media platforms. Since starting at Campfire I've personally spent over £1.5 million with our clients and achieved some truly amazing case studies. I've got a huge passion for marketing, specifically understanding how to turn a new prospect into a long term customer for a brand.

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

The Wolf from Shrek, because he's hairy and a chilled guy like me