Maddie Guest

Organic Social Exec

Professional Background

What began with a love for organising themed house parties and music events, eventually led to a degree in International Events Management, with a keen interest in the marketing side. This led me to Experiential Marketing in my year in industry. On my return to University for my final year, I managed the social media for our 'final event' and that's where my love for social media marketing was born. I then worked in Experiential Marketing for another year, but always preffered the marketing side. Then I decided to take a leap of faith and got in touch with Campfire, the rest is history!

Current Job Description

Organic Social Exec - Working alongside industry-leading clients, as well as the creative and influencer teams, to strategically design engaging organic social for an array of prestigious b2c and b2b clients. Reflecting the brand's voice, goals and KPI's. Mainly marketing through Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Pinterest!

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

Rapunzel (from Tangled, if you haven't watched it yet..add it to your list). I love a bit of painting, like to make friends and love an adventure but don't make me cross or I may hit you with a saucepan!