Megan Bishop

Senior Account Exec

Professional Background

In 2019, I graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in English Lit and Lang (with some rogue modules in forensic psychology + classics) as I am rather indecisive. I’ve worked in hospitality since I was 16, dabbled in freelance marketing and influencer marketing and finally feel settled in a role that combines general curiosity with my passion for people!

Current Job Description

Senior Account Executive - As a senior account executive, I support Georgie with her accounts, jumping in on comms and decks! I also have my own clients and help across teams, offering support as needed (typically helping the influencer team and writing scripts for LIVE events)!

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

Ariel - Like Ariel, when I decide that I want something I’ll go out of my way to get it! I love adventures and like to think I am a loyal and kind friend.