Sophie Angell

Business Director

Professional Background

After graduating from Manchester Met Uni with a degree in English and Journalism I spent the first 5 years of my career at the BBC; working my way up from answering the phone on the switchboard to their youngest ever Duty Manager. In my spare time, I was a freelance copywriter; so when a job came up at The Hut Group as a Content and Social Exec I went for it. Within 6 months, I was a Global Brand Manager in the Consumer Health division. I stayed for 2 years and learnt everything from production to logistics; it was an incredibly varied role and an amazing experience. After maternity leave, I set up as a Freelance Marketing Consultant; managing 5-6 clients a week and supporting with social media marketing and copywriting. I helped my old friend from THG Dan set up Dewty from the very start of the process; and it was through Dewty that I was first introduced to Campfire. After a 20 minute car journey with Alex, I was instantly inspired by their scientific approach to social. As a freelancer I helped put together and pitch for Cath Kidston and after that, they offered me the role of Account Director. I feel extremely privileged to have joined Campfire at the very beginning of the business. It’s incredible to watch the team continue to grow and I know 2022 will be our biggest year yet.

Current Job Description

As Account Director I'm responsible for the Accounts Team, acting as quality assurance across all client accounts as well as upholding the standard we hold dear at Campfire. I also look after the Social and Influencer teams; specifically focusing on the training and development of the fastest-growing department as we scale.

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

If I was a character in a fairy-tail, I'd be the Donkey from Shrek. I talk too much, annoyingly enthusiastic, can't sing but I'd like to think I am loyal and dependable.