Vic McKevitt-Smith

Managing Partner

Professional Background

I’ve been in the marketing game for over 17 years and love that I’m still learning something new everyday. I joined Campfire as Managing Partner to build out our performance offering to harness the insight, listening and creative excellence that forms the backbone of the agency. Previously Performance MD at Dentsu X, I’ve built and executed Performance strategies for clients for global brands, whilst also creating the E Commerce approach Connected Commerce, which is used acros Dentsu brands today. Before working across all Performance channels at iProspect and Denstu X, I’d enjoyed success in building the SEO product from independent agency MediaVest into a team of 45 experts across Technical SEO, Content, Creative and Digital PR, which now forms part of today’s iProspect.

Current Job Description

My focus is on our performance offering and ensuring we stay true to our Campfire values as we deliver data driven channels for clients. Built with the rigour of a network agency, our Search, Paid Social, Display and Affiliate products have industry leading best practices but have the competitive advantage of harnessing social insight and creative excellence to really make a difference in delivery. I work closely with our teams to ensure we’re constantly evolving our products to combine automation and AI with Human Intelligence, to drive results for our clients that continuously surpass expectations.

If you were a character from a fairytale, who would you be and why?

Goldilocks because I always like to get things ‘ just right’ for clients…without upsetting any Bears!